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  • Regi’s new album “Forever Free” is available now!

    Regi’s new album “Forever Free” is available now!


Worship Focus


Recently, at 38,000 feet comfortably seated in 15D, a thought crossed my mind. Am I any closer to God than when I’m on the ground? Probably not but when it comes to airplanes, I tend to pray on the way to the airport, while I’m waiting to board, as I’m[...]

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You Still Have Something To Give

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Most days you can find a church somewhere looking for a worship leader. After reading the requirements you often get this picture. Looking for someone in their 20′s who plays guitar, sings the absolute latest worship songs available, wears the coolest jeans, and has a new haircut that would rival[...]

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You Won’t Know Until You Try


I’ve been writing for the last half hour. However, after reading what I wrote, I deleted every single word! I probably should have kept it. Used it for another day. I feel I have something to say but all I can think about is how nice the weather is. How[...]

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The Choice Is Yours

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Have you made any resolutions for this year? Millions of people write down plans every January they hope to follow but statistics show that 92% don’t follow through. What does this have to do with you? Whether you’ve made your list or not, I think you’d agree it’s important to[...]

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Another One of Those Days

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Have you ever had one of those days? You know, thinking you should be something more than you are? Or at least more than how you see yourself? Recently, I texted my wife to see how she was doing and she was having ‘one of those days’. It boiled down[...]

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