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  • Regi’s new album “Forever Free” is available now!

    Regi’s new album “Forever Free” is available now!


You Still Have Something To Give


Most days you can find a church somewhere looking for a worship leader. After reading the requirements you often get this picture. Looking for someone in their 20’s who plays guitar, sings the absolute latest worship songs available, wears the coolest jeans, and has a new haircut that would rival any rock star. But what happens if you only fit one or two of the above requirements? Do you have any business leading worship? Well? Probably not at that church. What if you’re 40 something? 50 something? Are you no longer relevant? Some think not.

I believe when a church is searching for a worship leader, “looking for someone passionate about Jesus who is also gifted in leading others in worship” should be at the top of the list. If not, then what you may end up with is a good musician. There are lots of people who look the part, play the right songs and have no idea how to take a group of people past the song they are singing.

Leading in worship is more than being able to get through a setlist of 3 or 4 songs. 

So, if your church is looking to hire a worship leader, start with the heart. I’m not saying you shouldn’t look for a talented individual. Obviously they should have an acceptable skill level. But find someone who understands worship doesn’t mean when the lights go on. Rather, pray for someone who sees worship as a part of their every day. Then you’ll land your worship leader.

And, if you’re reading this blog thinking you’re done, there’s a good chance you still have something to give. Regardless of your age, make Jesus the center of everything you are. It’s okay if you’re hip and cool and wear awesome jeans too.

You Won’t Know Until You Try


I’ve been writing for the last half hour. However, after reading what I wrote, I deleted every single word! I probably should have kept it. Used it for another day. I feel I have something to say but all I can think about is how nice the weather is. How I’d enjoy being home with my wife dreaming out loud about buying a little piece of property and building something. Something like a barn. Maybe getting a cow too. But I have work to do. What’s wrong with me? My wife wants to know what I’d do with a cow anyway. I’m not sure but acreage just doesn’t look complete without a small water hole, a barn and a black cow. See why I can’t write anything? I should just head back to the office.

Life is too short

Maybe this is a call to all of us to take time as often as possible to dream a little. Dream out loud. Find a place to write and write whatever comes out. Just don’t delete it like I did. LIfe is too short to get caught up in schedules we’ve created that are usually too full. Too full to dream. Too full to enjoy living. Too full to be creative. Too full to think about owning a cow. Instead we can easily turn into robots. Going through motions that eventually take us down. Exhausted. Too tired to enjoy much after 5 o’clock. Even if it makes one wealthy, what is lost getting there is much more valuable than anything we gain.

So, take time. This week. Start small. Take 30 minutes. Then an hour. Write. Dream. Take a drive. Remove one thing from your schedule. The results could be amazing. You won’t know until you try.

The Choice Is Yours

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Have you made any resolutions for this year? Millions of people write down plans every January they hope to follow but statistics show that 92% don’t follow through. What does this have to do with you? Whether you’ve made your list or not, I think you’d agree it’s important to have a plan. But even with a plan, often the business of our day and unexpected circumstances can easily get us off track. It’s easy to find ourselves floundering and spinning our wheels. If you’ve been there before, you know it’s difficult to do much of anything when you’re stuck.

 Stuck never gets the same result as passion.

 So, how do you get unstuck and develop a plan? While there’s a chance I can persuade you to write out a plan, it’s not probable that one article will cause you to follow through with your new plan. However, if you were to recognize the importance of a simple plan, that’s just the start you need. So, here’s my encouragement. Take time this week to find a quiet place. Bring a pen and paper and let your thoughts run wild. What would you do if you had time? Resources? What’s one thing you’ve neglected because everything else got in the way? Write that down. Now what would it take to get there? This is a great way to get your thoughts out of your mind and down on paper. Your plans don’t have to be an over the top, blow your mind, type of plan. It can be really simple. Yet with simple still comes the need for follow through that helps plans become reality. Most often, our ideas never get off the ground and we find ourselves back in the 92% bracket. Regardless of what you write down, make finding your way to God’s presence an every day occasion. Fill your heart and mind with His word. Pray for wisdom as you follow out your plans. Choose to be one of the 8% and there’s a great chance you’ll have a great year.