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  • Regi’s new album “Forever Free” is available now!

    Regi’s new album “Forever Free” is available now!


Get Your Armor On


Bottom line: The enemy is after your soul. Scary? It’s just truth. He seeks to destroy all that is good. And it doesn’t matter how long it takes or what hoops he has to jump through. The chance of taking you down is the fuel that keeps him motivated. However,[…]

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Change Your Worship

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Recently, at 38,000 feet comfortably seated in 15D, a thought crossed my mind. Am I any closer to God than when I’m on the ground? Probably not!  But on days when I fly I pray on the way to the airport and while I’m waiting to board and as I’m[…]

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One thing better than an iPhone!

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My parents don’t have an iPhone. Actually, they just bought a computer. However, they have something only few people have ever achieved. 50 years of marriage! It’s not been a perfect marriage, but… Anything you do for 50 years and remain happy about it takes work. Since attending their celebration[…]

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