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  • Regi’s new album “Forever Free” is available now!

    Regi’s new album “Forever Free” is available now!


Trees Barns and Ponds


My wife is the writer in the family. I’m working on getting what’s in my head on paper to capture the essence of a story I have to tell. Where do I begin? For some time we’ve talked about selling our home and moving where cows and horses outnumber the[...]

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Experimental Worship

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If you’re looking for ways to help your worship come alive, here are a few out of the box ideas. 1.) Make a spiritual family tree. Put as many people as you can think of who have influenced your faith, along with a little of what you know of their[...]

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You Need Rest.


Lately I’ve been on a mission to learn how to rest, a Sabbath if you will. I’m not talking about attending church on the weekend. I’m talking uninterrupted quiet time. I must confess the thought of resting or a Sabbath makes me feel a bit whiny. I feel almost spoiled[...]

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Get Off The Ferris Wheel


Who hasn’t experienced God surrounded by majestic mountains or while at the beach, right? So, what do you do when you feel stuck on a Ferris Wheel at that same job, your car won’t crank, your debt seems to be gaining weight and you can’t seem to hear anything from[...]

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How Well Do You Know Your Coffee?


You could say I really love coffee. And, until I placed myself on a more Ramsey like budget, I enjoyed a non-fat, free pour Latte every morning Monday through Friday. That’s $920 a year not counting the egg sandwich or cranberry muffin I’d often add.  ’I know coffee’ is the[...]

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