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Every worship ministry needs a time of reflecting and recharging. A Worship Weekend with Regi Stone provides just that. It is a tremendous gift for any worship leader, team, and church.

Jason Easley, Worship Pastor, Highland Baptist Church

What does a Worship Weekend look like?

Each weekend can be crafted to fit the needs of your church. There’ll be plenty of laughter, fellowship, encouragement, worship, prayer, meaningful discussions, a few tears, answered prayers and more. My hope for you and your entire team is that at the end of the weekend you’ll feel refreshed with a renewed passion for the presence of God. 



I love that we start our time together with a meal. It’s not just about the food but it’s the meaningful fellowship and opportunity to speak encouragement to one another as we break bread together. After our meal we’ll explore the value and power of our worship through a time of devotion, worship and prayer. If you’re like me, you long to linger in the presence of the Lord. Unhurried. Meditative. Waiting. Listening. That’s what Friday night is all about.


There’s something special about coffee and a conversation. That’s how our Saturday will begin. Once we move to our rehearsal time, we’ll discuss ways to communicate our heart of worship from the stage and the importance of singing and playing as a unified group. 


Usually, I barely sleep the night before we get to worship together. We’ll bring an excitement and unified heart of worship before the Lord. This will be an amazing day together.

Regi is not just a musician but a Christian leader who demonstrates godly character and spiritual sensitivity. He is a gift to the Body of Christ and is be a great blessing wherever he ministers.
Dan Scott
Speaker and Author
In a day when so many worship services are sterile, mechanical and predictable, Regi brings life-giving, organic, Spirit-led experiences.
Steve Berger
Ambassador Services International
I love Regi's heart for worship, God and people. He is able to create an atmosphere of worship and invite you to stay and linger in it. If you desire to know the heart of God, allow Regi Stone to be your usher!
Mike Silva
President, MSI Inc.
No matter what your size or set-up is, Regi's ability as a worship leader, songwriter, and worship teacher will touch hearts and bring your church closer to God.
Andy Johnson
Worship Pastor
You can quote me on this: "I believe there's not a single worshipper regardless of age or style preference that Regi cannot connect with in a meaningful way."
Mark Celoria
Worship Pastor
Regi formed relationships, shared his life and music and helped us all to grow to a new level. The weekend culminated with Sunday morning worship where the entire congregation experienced God in a fresh and deep way.
C. Brian Biondo
Worship Pastor

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