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Let’s change someone’s life
through worship... together.

Let’s change someone’s life through worship... together.

I’ve encountered the transforming power of God‘s presence when we worship. I’ve known families come to a place of forgiveness through worship. I’ve listened as a cancer-ridden friend worshipped, hands raised, with no restraint. Unlike anything else, worship has a way of bringing us face-to-face with our Creator at the moment when we need Him most. It’s what we were created for and it’s why I’m going all in. Writing. Sharing. Witnessing. Praying. Believing. Giving. Worshiping.

When we partner, you become part of worship touching lives for the Kingdom. You become part of every song, every word, and every ministry opportunity going forward. Bottom line, is I can’t do what I do without you. Let’s do this together!

Here are a few things I’m working on:

I’m grateful you’ve taken time to consider this opportunity and look forward to the journey together!

Your donation will be directed to my nonprofit, Experience Worship.

Your gift is tax-deductible and greatly appreciated!

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