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About Regi

It’s not easy writing your own bio. You should try it sometime. Anyway, here are a few things to help introduce myself in no particular order.

  • I’m a dreamer.
  • Sushi is one of my favorite foods.
  • God blessed me with an amazing wife.
  • My children are two gifts from God.
  • Music is intricately attached to my every day.
  • Melodies are always in my head.
  • I can clap with one hand.
  • You are probably trying right now. Good luck!
  • Progressive lens are no longer in my future.
  • If I had to do something outside of music I’d own a restaurant.
  • I’m not particularly fond of flying.
  • Worship has become part of my daily life.
  • My favorite scripture is Zeph. 3:17
  • For the last 12 years I’ve enjoyed working with a great team at Discover Worship to create and provide music and drama resources to churches all over the country. We exist because people like you count on us.