Experimental Worship

If you’re looking for ways to help your worship come alive, here are a few out of the box ideas.

1.) Make a spiritual family tree. Put as many people as you can think of who have influenced your faith, along with a little of what you know of their background. Step back and look at where you come from. Then add the people who you influence – both peers and people you might lead or mentor.

2.) Plan a field trip. Go to a park, the beach, the mountains, a zoo, botanical gardens – wherever you can go and interact with God’s creation. Think about what kind of God made everything. Can you contain Him? If God were visibly present right where you are, how do you think it would affect you?

3.) Volunteer to help a low-income family or person with work on their home or yard. Get a few friends or family members and together raise funds for your project and then help out with the labor. *Get crazy: Surprise someone by mowing their lawn when they are out of town.

If you have ideas for other worship experiments I’d love hear more in the comments section below.

Until next time,


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