Just back from Atlanta

I just returned from a Worship Weekend with Mount Paran North in Atlanta, GA. We talked about worship, sang a few songs, shared a few meals and laughed. These weekends are special to me as I have opportunity to talk about something that becomes more important to me each day. Worship. I’m not an expert that’s for sure but worship is becoming so much more than just a Sunday morning to me and has spilled over into my Monday’s and Saturday’s and the days in between. Sometimes I have found opportunity to worship sitting quietly at my piano and other times it’s during a drive to the office. Trust me, I take time for a medium, non-fat latte with extra foam and sushi with my wife at Peter’s not far from our home. But, I’m finding God in many places where I didn’t used to look for Him. His presence really is in my car. He is with me at the supermarket and while I’m doing push-ups. I can talk with Him and know he hears me. And, I don’t have to yell to get His attention. I don’t have to wonder if He hears me or worry about tomorrow because I trust Him. Really, that’s what this past weekend was about. A room full of people talking about how to walk out their worship every day. My prayer is for you to be encouraged. He is with you and He loves you more than you can imagine.

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