Caring about the community

I just returned from Nashville, Arkansas for a Worship Weekend. One part of this weekend that really struck me was the 7 churches that joined together from several denominations. Friday night included a wonderful meal and fellowship, a devotion/discussion and a time of worship through music. In addition to talking and writing about our thoughts on worship we rehearsed several songs together and presented a concert of worship on Saturday evening. We also focused on a wonderful non-profit organization (Health Clinic) that received nearly $2,000 in support from the Saturday concert. Then on Sunday I had the opportunity to lead a time of worship with the First United Methodist choir and congregation and for the first time presented a children’s sermon. It was fun to say the least. I appreciate the music director, Kristie Eggers for working so hard to put the weekend together. Knowing that people were blessed as a result made it all worth while.

If you are interested in hosting a Worship Weekend at your church let me know.


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