Our Worship is a Journey

The scripture is full of powerful examples on the subject of worship. One of my favorite passages takes place in Genesis 22. It’s where God calls Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac on an altar. Unbelievable! What really catches my attention is what Abraham said in verse 5 when he finally arrived at the place God had led him. He said to his servants, “Stay here with the donkey while I and the boy go over there. We will worship and then we will come back to you.”  Wow! We will come back to you? We will worship? I’m certainly not an expert on worship but that has to be one of the most sacrificial and confident examples of worship found in the Bible. It’s quiet obvious that Abraham knew God’s voice. And without questioning why. That’s a relationship with depth that only comes from spending lots of time in someone’s presence.

Then of course there’s King David, another worshiper who wrote music unto the Lord. The book of Psalm is full of examples of him bringing worship to the Lord regardless if he was exuberant or in total despair. I want to worship like that. So, recently I decided to enhance my worship by writing out scripture every day for a month. I’m not sure what I thought writing it would do, but so often when I read scripture I’m on verse 13 before I realize it, and I have no idea what the 12 verses before even said. So, I chose Proverbs, mainly because I was in process of praying for wisdom. When I started writing, God’s voice didn’t fill the room. I didn’t light up like a light bulb. Angels didn’t appear in the air above me. But I did connect in a tangible way with God’s word. I read verses I’d only glanced over in previous attempts at reading through the Bible. Our worship is a journey that takes different paths depending on where we are each day. So, I encourage you to find time to get alone with God’s word and you just may find something amazing take place. The scripture will become alive to you. And I promise that will change your worship.

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