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Over the past 6 months I’ve worked with a creative team to launch a new web site for church music & worship ministries. I’d like to invite you to visit us at and let me know what you think. Over the last twelve years, we’ve been producing and mailing music all over the country, mostly to small to medium size churches. However, with this new web site we can now call ourselves an digital online service. We don’t ship anything anymore which makes the entire process so much faster and smoother. So you’ll get what we are about, here are some of our beliefs.

We believe you can praise God in choir robes and cargo pants. We believe that God listens to pop/rock and pipe organs. We believe worship happens in mega churches and country chapels. We believe that music is more than an operating expense. We believe that churches can enjoy hymns and choruses together. We believe that preparing for weekend worship shouldn’t be a stressful experience.

So, with these beliefs in mind, we created a music service designed to help churches of all sizes and budgets, where you pick the songs you want, make all the copies you want, whenever or wherever you want. Bruce Milleman, who  is one of our subscribers says, “Discover Worship makes my job so much easier. I love the new online service so much that I started an online group for our choir so I can link to songs that we’re working on. Now they can click the link to practice, or give me feedback on songs I’m considering. It’s great.”

One of the highlights of this ‘new’ service is a call I received last week from a lady letting me know she hadn’t paid her invoice because she was concerned over the new delivery format. In our discussion she told me after listening to some of the music she was missing out on that she decided to get DSL. I congratulated her. She said, “honey, I’m 75 years old”. That not only made my day but helped me realize that our decision to move everything online was the correct one.

If you think your church would benefit from this service you can subscribe today, download your choice of song/s and rehearse tonight. It’s never been easier.

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