Get Off The Ferris Wheel

Who hasn’t experienced God surrounded by majestic mountains or while at the beach, right? So, what do you do when you feel stuck on a Ferris Wheel at that same job, your car won’t crank, your debt seems to be gaining weight and you can’t seem to hear anything from God? Have you ever been there? Are you there right now? You could worry, but that won’t work I’ve tried it. You could call ten people to see what they think and I can tell you that while it may cause you to feel better, it’s not the best solution. Or, you may consider asking God to do the unexpected. I’ve tried that too. It works, but most of the time when the unexpected happens it’s often dismiss as “too” unexpected. I mean, wouldn’t God just speak audibly while we are up early reading His word? No! Usually not. Even Mary, mother of Jesus, had to simply trust that everything would work out by submitting herself completely to God. It’s not like He blasted the news over an intercom about Jesus birth. His presence in us guides us. Of course it takes faith and of course it takes a belief that God is for us and not against us. And, that “He has a purpose and plan for our lives” is actually from His word and not just something we overheard at the water fountain.

I believe when we engage and worship God we find our way to His will. That may be through prayer or praise or gut wrenching cries. It may not mean the car will crank tomorrow, but it does mean we can start learning how to believe. And sometimes the answers to our prayers may seem to come out of left field. When…not if that happens, just trust Him. Most times when we are faced with decisions or opportunities that seem impossible it’s when God shows up to say ‘watch this’. Remember in scripture how David poured out his heart to the Lord regardless of his circumstances? Whether you are experiencing a time of bountiful blessings or whether you feel you are up against the wall with no breathing room, you can come to Him. He will hear you. He will answer you. Sometimes it may seem like it takes forever but He will be with you every step of the way. Here’s the question. Can we trust God to work out every problem we encounter if we submit  to His will? Our willingness to trust is the beginning of relationship. Trust is not usually an easy and automatic response, especially when we are surrounded by fear. Trust has to be developed. When we deepen our relationship with God trust happens and gives us the courage to face our circumstances with confidence. When we pray and believe, it’s just another way for God to prove Himself faithful again.

Until next time, Regi

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