How to Build a Good Setlist

Building a good setlist sounds like we’re setting out to build a house or something. However, when we build the same house over and over again, we lose the sense of awe and creativity that’s so important in our times of worship together. How do we stay out of a rut?

Choose 2 uptempo songs… Choose 2 mid tempo songs… Quote a scripture… Sing a slow song… Go to the ready room. Sound familiar?

Getting in that box is simple. Getting out can be altogether different. Where is the creativity in doing the same thing over and over? Just because something worked last week doesn’t mean it’s what we should do next week. We must understand it’s God’s presence that changes lives not our set list.

What if you opened service with scripture reading with everyone? What would it look like if you started the ‘setlist’ with your songs in reverse? Try it. You may be surprised. What if you replaced one of your songs with quiet time? Time to reflect? Or what about replacing a song with an entire chapter with everyone reading together? What if you invited people to pray during one of the worship songs? What would it look like if your ‘worship through music’ time was something entirely different? What would worship look like if you didn’t get to use any songs at all? Crazy? Maybe. But so is being stuck in a rut.

Get out of your rut and let us know how you did it.

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