How Well Do You Know Your Coffee?

You could say I really love coffee. And, until I placed myself on a more Ramsey like budget, I enjoyed a non-fat, free pour Latte every morning Monday through Friday. That’s $920 a year not counting the egg sandwich or cranberry muffin I’d often add.  ‘I know coffee’ is the point.

It started years ago when I wandered into a small establishment called Sam & Zoe’s in Berry Hill, a small business community south of Nashville. The Barista suggested a Latte and I indulged in the nearly $4 of pure joy. It kept me coming back for more and before long my drink order went like this; “I’ll have a grande, extra hot, half caff, non-fat, free pour Latte with a shot of hazelnut.” High maintenance one customer remarked. After I’d ordered the drink a couple dozen times it became ‘the usual’ which was less interruption to their already busy morning. Years later, I’ve narrowed my drink order to a non-fat free pour Latte. It’s easier on everyone.

Where is this all going you say? Well, I recently realized that I loved my Latte more than I did my Bible. Wait a minute. Did I just say that? Every single day my stop at the coffee shop had become a ritual. Gotta have it to get through the day! Since when did I have that same passion for reading God’s Word as if my life depended on it? You may be way past me on this. Maybe you’re a coffee lover and a lover of scripture. Or maybe you’re like me, finding a cup of coffee warm and inviting and scripture not as much. But, what if God’s Word became a ritual. More than a ritual; a passion. What if we loved scripture so much that we’d skip a favorite telivision show to finish the chapter we’d started that morning? What if we were occasionally late to an appointment because we had to read one more passage? I’m not saying we should lose touch with our day to day but I’m saying we should know our Bible as well as we know our coffee.

I’d like to invite you to join me as I read and write scripture. I’ve chosen the book of Proverbs. And, over the next 30 days my plan is to read and write by hand the entire book. By the end I plan to have developed a habit that I look forward to each day.

Until next time,


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