I Don’t Go To Church To Worship

‘I go to church to worship’ is a statement most of us have said or would agree with. However, when we go to church to worship, our experience often depends on the song choices, the ambience, the volume, whether the pastor is there, or some other expectation we have. Have you ever been to the mall just because? If so, you’ve probably bought something you didn’t need and felt like you wasted your time and money. However, if you’ve ever been to the mall to purchase a pair of tennis shoes or a belt your experience is probably much different, right? You know which store or few stores you’re going to visit and you probably already have a price in mind. The difference is focus.

Through the years, as I’ve attended church to worship I often left feeling like I hadn’t really worshiped. My mind was some place else. My heart just wasn’t in it. The songs had too many words. I was coming off a busy week. The pastor was out of town. You get the point!

However, as I’ve learned more about becoming a daily worshiper, my experience with church has changed.  Becoming a daily worshiper brings focus. Becoming a daily worshiper means I walk in church wanting more of Jesus. That means the songs don’t all have to be on my top ten favorites list. The senior pastor could be on Sabbatical and that’s okay. Worship is my responsibility and privilege every day. So I decided!

I’m not going to church to worship anymore!

Now I go to church with worship instead of to worship. This simple principle has allowed me a greater opportunity to experience God’s powerful presence rather than expecting a song or someone to do something extraordinary for me to find my way to worship.

If you want church to become more than a place you visit once a week to worship, try practicing worship throughout your week. Allow it to become part your every day. You may find, like me, that you’ll start going to church with worship and that will change church forever.

What are some ways you’ve found to worship throughout your week?

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