Juggling Between Your Church and Your Family

When it comes to balancing anything it’s not always easy. 69% of people who have a checking account never balance their checkbook. Have you ever tried riding a unicycle? How about surfing? So, what do you do when it comes to balancing your church ministry position and your family?

If I may, I’ll speak from my personal experience. In past years I found it easy to be excited about the preparation of a church service or even a rehearsal. My day would be filled with listening to music or writing a new song and at the end of a day the last thing I’d want to do was help someone with math homework. However, that feeling can quickly become an imbalance of home versus church/job.

You see, when I’m doing what ‘I’ want to do things are great. However, when ‘I’ get home and ‘I’ have to do something ‘I’ don’t want to do then things aren’t so great. Get it? But, I finally realized it’s not all about me or my church job. It’s about being present both in my day to day responsibilities and with my family. Being present in my home is about communicating with my spouse, my children and being intentional about our time together. Once I got that I felt more in balance and that’s a much better place to be.

I still can’t ride a unicycle.

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