One thing better than an iPhone!

My parents don’t have an iPhone. Actually, they just bought a computer. However, they have something only few people have ever achieved. 50 years of marriage! It’s not been a perfect marriage, but…

Anything you do for 50 years and remain happy about it takes work.

Since attending their celebration I’ve thought a lot about what is needed to hit the same mark. It takes hope. Persistence. Forgiveness. Lots of laughs. Hugs. More smiles than frowns. Sharing. Honesty. A walk on the beach. Lots of kisses. Going on dates. Planning a few vacations together. Integrity. Giving to those in need. Getting involved in your church. Making friends. Being vulnerable with each other. Sharing your dreams. Walking through tough moments together. Becoming dependent on God more than each other. Prayer. Worship. Singing. Loving one another. Respect. Encouragement. Support. Acting crazy on purpose.

I’m not great at everything on the list yet but my parents 50th reminded me how important friends and family are and what it takes to make dreams come true.

How about you? What are your dreams? Is there something that has made life work for you that’s not on my list?

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