Early Favorites CD


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Early Favorites contains some of the best and most popular songs from Regi’s first three albums, One Day Closer, Free To Dream, and Experience Worship.


It’s hard to believe that the first note I wrote for the inside of a CD was thirteen years ago for a project called “One Day Closer.” Now I’ve decided to put all my early favorites onto one CD, and I’ve added a couple new ones as well. Much has taken place since my first project… My wife and I moved to Nashville. Our daughter and son were born. I became the worship leader at Christ Church Nashville. I bowled a perfect game (300). Ten years ago, we began a life without credit cards. We bought a music publishing business and a recording studio. Four of our grandparents and two cousins went to Heaven. We celebrated twenty years of marriage. We found out we love sushi. After visiting Jackson Hole, WY we’ve found ourselves dreaming about a life there. Hilton Head has become our favorite place to spend one week each year. There are many others that I should mention. Perhaps in another thirteen years I’ll sit down to write some more. I’ll know I’ll have more memories worth writing about again.


  1. Be Everything
  2. It’s Taken Me A Lifetime
  3. How Can I Tell You
  4. In A Word
  5. End Of The Beginning
  6. O Magnify
  7. In God’s Hands
  8. At Your Feet
  9. I Will Sing Praise
  10. You Are Good
  11. The Wind And The Waves
  12. On The Rock I Stand
  13. Promised Land
  14. New Man
  15. Where Hope Is Still Alive
  16. The Kind Of Father He Is
  17. God Is Here