Solo Piano: Uncharted CD


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“It’s not easy deciding what to name an instrumental album. We chose Uncharted because the music was improvised on the spot. Other than scheduling a couple days in the studio, there was no prior musical arrangement for any of the tracks. You may hear a few small noises but instead of recutting or editing the music, we decided we’d leave everything exactly as it happened. I hope you’ll enjoy the simplicity of the music and that you’ll find yourself relaxed after a stressful or hectic day.” – Regi



  1. Untitled 1
  2. Untitled 2
  3. Untitled 3
  4. Untitled 4
  5. Untitled 5
  6. Untitled 6
  7. Untitled 7
  8. Untitled 8
  9. Untitled 9
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