Worship is such a hot topic today.

We talk about styles of worship. We talk about methods of worship. We talk about ancient/modern worship. We talk about contemporary versus traditional worship. There is the hymn crowd and the alternative crowd, emerging worship and sacramental worship.

We gear services towards worship styles in order to tailor worship to the needs of the congregation. Worship music comes in all flavors. The volume of worship music being produced annually allows for a treasure trove of options for the modern worshiper.

But in all of the debate, discussion, and experimentation, I wonder if perhaps we have forgotten what the heart of worship was really meant to be. The heart of worship is not found in styles, rhythms, or cadence. Nor is it found in lyrics, orchestrations, or multi-media presentations. The heart of worship from Genesis to Revelation has always been summed up in one word: SACRIFICE.

Mike Atkins
From : Perspectives on Worship

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