I have no idea how this started. #sevenwordsoftruth

For some time now I’ve been using #sevenwordsoftruth as a hash tag on Twitter. I can’t remember the exact day or month when I counted out seven words in a statement I heard and tweeted it. But now there’s hardly a day or conversation that goes by where my ears aren’t listening for a statement that is tweet worthy (as my daughter says). To give you a few samples of my recent tweets, “If a Latte appeared I’d drink it.” #sevenwordsoftruth “A preacher shouldn’t preach if he’s high” #sevenwordsoftruth. So, you get the picture. Even now as I’m writing this post my mind is wandering off down some path of curiosity hoping to suddenly think of another seven words to share. Can you think of one? I’d love to have you join me on Twitter with a few of your own sevenwordsoftruth. Or, post them in a comment here and I’ll tweet it with your permission.

Until then,


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