Take your worship to the next level.

I’m so glad you showed up to this blog today. In less than 300 words I’d like to tell you how to take your worship to the next level. Before you click away thinking I’ve lost mind, hear me out. I believe this 3 step approach will increase your awareness of worship in personal and corporate worship. Ready? Here we go.

1.) Choose to become a daily worshiper.
I know we worship during our weekend services but becoming a daily worshiper means finding time on all the other days to bring our worship before the Lord. If God inhabits our praise then being in His presence is where we need to live. Daily. Just because we’re given the title music director, worship leader, worship pastor or worship artist, it doesn’t automatically qualify us as a daily worshiper. That is something we must choose.

2.) Follow through with number 1.
Have you ever joined the Y? Cross Fit? Curve? Choosing to join is an important part but joining isn’t what gets the results. Results come from using the equipment consistently. As a result our body takes on a different shape.  A life of worship may sound simple but it’s not. It takes desire. You have to want it. Becoming a daily worshiper takes planning and organizing priorities to carve out time during each day to pray, write, and meditate on God’s word.

3.) I am becoming a daily worshiper.
Say it out loud and then write it on a sheet of paper. In fact write it on sticky notes and post it in several places where you can see it every day. Here’s the tough part; follow through.

I’d love to hear from you on becoming a daily worshiper. Until next time,


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