The Beach or The West

On the way to school this morning I asked who wanted to go to the beach and Sophia’s hand shot up. I then asked who wants to go to Jackson Hole and my son raised his hand. Since we don’t do separate vacations we are now comparing our experiences in both places. The beach, my daughter says, has become a family tradition after spending several years renting the same house on the same week in Hilton Head, SC. I could probably walk through the beach house with my eyes shut. I know it well. And, the trip to the beach is just 75 short yards from the back door. I miss it already can you tell? So, you get the picture. Beautiful weather, a heated pool and great company with Kim’s oldest sister Annalisa, her husband Jack and their daughter Eva. Fun. Golf. Bicycles. Great sandwiches. It was a great way to unplug and just chill. I’d do it again.

Jackson Hole is another picture altogether. Last year we were there for a week in the summer and a week in the winter. Eli liked both seasons the same. In the summer we went fishing for trout, standing on a small wooden bridge just about 75 short yards from the back door of the cozy guest home of a much bigger home on 35 acres. For both those weeks we pretended it was ours. Actually we probably spent more time in the house last year than the people who own it. Glad they were paying the taxes. Anyway, surrounded by unbelievable beauty. Tetons. Wildlife. Horseback Riding. Fishing. Campfires. Yellowstone National Park. Old Faithful. Eagles. Buffalo. Elk. Winter time was filled with skiing, throwing snowballs, building lopsided snowmen, sledding until you hurt, wondering when it was really going to snow, tubing and so much more. Okay, so you get the picture. An amazing place with so much to do. Outside of relaxing, fishing and a campfire or strolling around on 35 acres you must drive to all the other destinations but the drive ain’t too bad. Everywhere you look it’s another beautiful picture. Last summer was truly a step away from the hustle and bustle and a true unplugging for our family. I’d do it again.

Hopefully we will be able to choose our trip soon. I’m anxious to know if I’ll be sitting by the pool or standing on a bridge hoping a fish jumps on my lure.

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