Throwing in the Towel

What do you do when you feel like throwing in the towel?

A couple years ago I was on a plane heading to a conference when I struck up a conversation with Gene, sitting next to me. The flight was nearly 4 hours long so we had plenty of time to solve most of the world’s problems and a few of our own. “What do you enjoy doing” I asked. Running, was his answer. I smiled and told him about the 1/2 marathon I had run the year before. He smiled and told me about the 41 marathons he has run. Full marathons. I couldn’t believe it. As we settled in to our trip we talked about our families and shared pictures of our kids. His last picture he shared was a picture of his wife. I said she’s beautiful. He thanked me and then told me she had passed away just 2 years before. My heart sank. “I’m sorry” I said. He smiled again with a thanks.

Gene had such a calmness when he spoke. He smiled as if it was second nature. How could he be so happy when he had suffered such pain, I wondered? He talked of faith but I couldn’t imagine the difficulty he’d been through. And, with 3 children to raise on his own. I asked him if he ever wanted to give up. He answered by saying that running gave him a way to talk with God both when he was angry and calm. But how do you run through pain? He had mentioned earlier that in 30 years he’s probably only missed 3 weeks of running. What??? I asked him what his secret is and he shared it with me. It’s going to seem so easy when you read this but I promise you it’s the hardest part. At least Gene told me it’s the hardest part of all. Ready? Here it is.

You’ve got to get out the door. See! What did I tell you? Sounds easy right?

So what has you wanting to throw in the towel? Are you a worship leader who is weary? Do you have an addiction you can’t seem to shake? Do you live with fear? Do you worry all the time? Are you angry? You have to get moving. Dave Ramsey, who many of you know says when you lose your job you need to start working out. Don’t let your rear become attached to your couch. Get moving!

Prayer is always a great thing to add to your life. Reading God’s word is another component that adds life to your soul. Forgiveness is another great way to start. Addictions can be overcome through Jesus Christ and by seeking professional help. Get involved in a vibrant church. Yes vibrant and preferably not dead. Chances you know someone like Gene or maybe it’s you. I encourage you to get out the door and start living. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Make it count!

Until next time,


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