Trees Barns and Ponds

My wife is the writer in the family. I’m working on getting what’s in my head on paper to capture the essence of a story I have to tell. Where do I begin? For some time we’ve talked about selling our home and moving where cows and horses outnumber the cars. And often I’ve dreamed of driving south of Franklin and stumbling on that perfect piece of land complete with trees, a barn and a stocked pond. In fact, I’ve made that trip more than once hoping to see my dream come true. After deciding now’s the time, we put a For Sale sign in the yard last Thursday and crossed our fingers and our toes. We received 4 offers within 5 days and in less than a week we have officially sold our home. Our emotions have been a bit crazy, as we’ve realized we’re leaving behind where we’ve spent the last 10 years together with our children. That’s a lot of hours, memories, and stories to recount. The doorbell just rang and it was another real estate agent wanting to know if ‘they’ could come in. Can you sell a home more than once? I think we could.

In less than two months, our new home will be a rental property. The last time we rented we were newlyweds. That was some years ago. After a search online, I found a cabin in Franklin, took a quick look and then convinced my wife to go back with me this morning. She wasn’t too keen on a cabin; especially a log cabin. But after walking the property she was hooked and we agreed to move in right after the kids are out of school. Even though we aren’t purchasing the home it IS on 22 acres complete with lots of trees, several barns and a stocked pond. So, I guess at least some of my dream is coming true.

I’m not sure where you find yourself today. Maybe your house has been for sale for more than a year. Maybe you’re in the middle of a major move or a job change or job loss. Maybe you stopped believing in dreams altogether. Regardless, life comes with changes. And, some changes aren’t easy. But with each change we have opportunity to make new memories and start some interesting and amazing new stories.

Keep the faith,



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