What Does Heaven Look Like?

Recently I was saying prayers with my 9 year old. Actually, he started the prayer like this: “Dear Lord, thank You for Mom, Dad, Sophie, me, Roxy (our dog), Java (our dog who went to doggie heaven last year) and everything and everybody in the whole entire world.  Amen.” Short and sweet. I asked if he’d like to be more specific. He said, “Dad, I just prayed for everybody and everything in the whole entire world. I think that just about covers it.” He always makes me smile.

I lay there for another minute until it was very quiet. Then he asked, “What does Heaven look like?” He said he’d like to cut a hole in his ceiling and peer into heaven. Wow. I don’t remember ever wishing that. I stayed to see what else he’d like to discuss. With passion in his voice he said, “Dad, I’m so anxious to see it.” I didn’t know what to say. We talked for a few more minutes before I headed back downstairs. When did I stop longing for Heaven and start settling for what Earth has to offer? I mean, I like it here but it’s almost like we’ve created our own little heaven on Earth. Of course I’m not suggesting that we start ‘hating’ life. But, it’s with the understanding, as Paul suggests, that living here on Earth is like sleeping in a tent.

But do we really see it that way? I have a Tempurpedic bed with cozy pillows and blankets. I drive a nice car to a comfortable office with flat screen T.V.’s and cushy furniture. I talk on an iPhone, use an iPad and iMac, and eat good food. What about that compares to sleeping in a tent? However, when we read John’s description in Revelation 21:10-27 we get a different picture. Jasper, gold, pearl, and every other precious stone you can imagine. No tears. No sickness. No IRS. No toothache. No worry. No allergy. No autism. No heart attacks.

Can you imagine?

No tragedy. No death. No bugs. No job loss. No depression. No infertility. No abortions. No denominations. No fighting. No debt. No embarrassment. No surgery. No cancer. No homelessness. No abuse. No divorce.

Are you getting it yet?

Heaven is different. Really different! But how how often do you think about Heaven? Take 5 minutes and write down all the things that you won’t miss about the Earth. You may find yourself realizing you’re living in a strange place that’s not your home.

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