What I Learned In California

When I landed in California for a recent worship retreat, the first thing I noticed was the weather that seems to never go out of style. No humidity. Clear sky. Beautiful landscape. Need I say more? After a full evening on the opening night, I don’t remember much once I found my room and my head found the comfy pillows. On Saturday our day was packed but one of my favorite parts was listening to the senior pastor unpack some thoughts on being a worshiper. I also found out I love turkey sandwiches on sourdough bread with cranberry sauce, lettuce and mayonnaise. Here’s a recap from that morning devotion:

It’s easy to get sidetracked thinking that worship’s big moment in our life is when the stage is full of musicians. Fact is, worship has not as much to do about music. But it has everything to do with our heart. I know we talk about worship being a lifestyle. There are plenty of quotes on Twitter and posts on Facebook and blogs written daily on the subject. And, I know for the most part we believe it. However, it’s another thing to live it out. Our weekend service should actually be an overflow of what our week has been like. But when our weekly schedule or lack of planning shapes our life of worship, we arrive at church feeling worn out and unwilling to participate.  Worship becomes sporadic at best. We must find a solution! Agreed?

Finding our way to God’s presence each day is a must!

We can’t do life on our own strength. For those in leadership; including staff, choir, worship team, band, worship leader, artist, orchestra, media etc. we aren’t exempt.

Pastor went on to say, we need a God touch not a production! It’s easy to get off balance trying to copy every guitar riff or amazing vocal lick and before we know it we quickly become the object of focus instead of God. We must find ways to take the focus off ourselves and point people to the Creator of all things. Just going through the motions or spin we’ve learned over the years won’t do much to build our connection with God either. Worship takes relationship. It takes our heart connecting to God’s heart. Sometimes we just need to be reminded. Where are you with all this?



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