Where Worship Begins

In the Experience Worship book titled, “Perspectives on Worship”, there is an article that I’ve read many times called Where Worship Begins. It’s written by my friend Babbie Mason and is a reminder of how worship becomes a joy when we focus on making it an attitude and not an activity. That thought sticks out in my mind constantly connecting me back to the realization that worship is to be a heart issue and not just something I do once or twice a week. Babbie says, If we are truly aware of God’s presence, we can worhsip at any time. We are never out of His presence. He is always with us. He is constantly drawing us to Him. He pays attention when we call on Him. He delights in our efforts to communicate and commune with Him. God inhabits, He lives in or takes up residence in, our praise. Imagine that your heart is a house where God dwells. Picture Him pulling up an easy chair and making Himself at home in your worship. When we look at worship as an activity only, when this is our way of thinking, worship becomes a religious ritual, a mere exercise. True worshipers enjoy being in the presence of God at all times. We come to realize that it is not at all about what we can get from God, but being with him. It is a conscious attitude that seeks to find ways to express love for God in our daily living.

What is your driving passion? What is the one thing that keeps you up at night and consumes your thoughts during the day? Is it your work? Is it your money, or maybe your ministry? This is where your real attitude and your true motives will be revealed. Matthew 6:21 says “For wherever your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

God seeks those who will worship Him in spirit in truth. Ask God to develop in you a keen sense and awareness of His presence. Approach him with an attitude of humility and awe. Never forget that He is sovereign, holy, and has all authority. God is right there where you are. And, there is no better time than now to worship Him.

Babbie Mason
From Perspectives on Worship

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