Who would have thought?

One of the most exciting things I’ve been part of in a long time is creating  and launching a magazine. Well, I didn’t do it all alone. Nick Perreault is the designer and assistant editor and without him I wouldn’t be writing this entry. And without many donors it would just be two guys sitting in a office talking about how we’d like to start a magazine. It was several years ago when I had this crazy idea that the world needed another magazine. Before you roll your eyes, hear me out. I love magazines! Every time I visit the grocery, I find myself standing in the magazine aisle. Every trip to the airport includes the purchase of at least 2 magazines. On  my last trip to Alaska one of the magazines cost a whopping $18. WHAT? So, you get the point, I love magazines. It seemed that most magazines that have to do with worship all are pretty niched to the worship leader, pastor or some technical person. What about people who love worship? What about those that aren’t in a leadership position but want to learn more about worship? With that thought in mind we started the process of defining what the reader of a potential Experience Worship magazine would find in its pages. We searched for articles, photo’s and talked with many people about what they wish a worship magazine might include. I never knew there would be so much to do to create a magazine. But after many hours…did I say many hours? We have just launched the very first issue of Experience Worship magazine. I encourage you to visit our web site at www.experienceworship.com where you can actually download several pages of the first issue. 

By presenting original stories, interviews and articles that push beyond the limited view of worship held by many believers, each issue of Experience Worship magazine will challenge the typical understanding of worship and present examples of how worship can become an everyday experience with God that impacts our families and communities.

You may think you don’t need another magazine but I assure you, this magazine is different than any other magazine you currently subscribe to. For one; every other page isn’t an ad begging you to buy a piano, microphone or suggesting some weight loss program. It’s 32 fresh and engaging pages that communicates worship regardless of style. If you like traditional, contemporary, intellectual or consider yourself more emotional, the articles will invite you and provoke thoughts beyond any walls you are surrounded by regarding worship. So, what are you waiting on?

Worship Him,


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