Worship Focus

Recently, at 38,000 feet comfortably seated in 15D, a thought crossed my mind. Am I any closer to God than when I’m on the ground? Probably not but when it comes to airplanes, I tend to pray on the way to the airport, while I’m waiting to board, as I’m walking down the Jetway and then once I’m seated, and when we’re heading down the runway, and when we are going through the clouds and then I relax once the bumps subside.

This is similar to the way we live life isn’t it? Trouble comes and we stress. We pray. We worry some more. We say Jesus a whole lot. Then when things become calm we go about our business as if nothing ever happened. That is until the next storm blows in.

Why is this?

It’s about relationship and we have the capacity to change it. But it’s probably one of the most difficult things we’ll ever attempt.

When I fly I feel closer to him not because I’m 6 miles off the ground. I feel closer to Him because I’m focused on Him.

If you’ve ever attempted anything challenging and succeeded you know what I’m talking about. Running a  1/2 or full marathon takes courage, persistence and focus. Relationships need love, persistence and focus. Learning to play an instrument takes practice and focus. Worship is the same. It takes desire, surrender and focus.

But, how often do we focus? Really focus on God? We sing songs to Him in church but many times before we find our focus the song is over. One reason is, we usually come to church ‘to’ worship instead of ‘with’ worship. But what would happen if we found our way to His presence more often? Daily?

I encourage you to find time this week where you can focus all your attention on Him. Make it a habit and before long your relationship will grow and you’ll develop a desire to be in His presence daily. And, I promise that will change your worship.

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