Worship Weekends

It’s been some time since I’ve posted. That seems to be the norm on many sites I’ve visited. We all start with a plan to write something every week which becomes every month and before we realize it two months have passed. Nonetheless, I’m here today to talk about Worship Weekends. In the upcoming months I have scheduled an interactive weekend with a number of church music ministries. We arrive on a Friday evening and share a meal. Afterall, food is an important part of the day right? Sometimes it’s pizza and sometimes it’s steak. I tend to like the steak best but regardless of the food, spending time with people who share a desire to become worshipers is a wonderful way to spend the evening. I don’t come to the weekend as the expert. In fact, I’m learning how to make worship an attitude as well. What I enjoy is the opportunity to talk openly with others and share songs and thoughts that seem to always benefit and encourage everyone involved. A couple weeks ago I flew to Baltimore, MD where I joined with a choir, worship team and band to discuss how we can make worship part of our everyday life. I should also mention that while I was in the Baltimore area I enjoyed several crab cakes that were worth the bad plane ride I endured to get there. Friday evening’s devotion and time of worship and reflection is always my favorite part of the weekend. Okay, so I enjoy the weekend service as well but there’s just something about the Friday time together that always makes me glad I made the trip. I’ll try to post something more on the structure of the weekends really soon. And, if you want to find out more about a Worship Weekend in your church please let me know.

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