Worship Without Limits

Worship shouldn’t have limits. However, when worship is placed in a box only to be taken out for the Saturday or Sunday weekend service, worship loses its flow. Psalm 150 says, “let everything that has breath praise the Lord.” We’re also told to pray without ceasing and Psalm 34:1 says our lips and life should offer praise continually.

Continually means recurring regularly or frequent.

Not interrupted. Steady.

If we set boundaries around worship only to be visited certain times of the week, we miss out on an opportunity to experience the relationship with God we were meant to have.

Last year, I traveled to more than 20 churches and I usually ask this question; “What gets in the way of your worship?” I hear these answers: time, schedule, worry, pride, self, kids, fear, work and so many other similar reasons. It seems most of us have filled our week with so much stuff that worship has often been set aside for a one hour weekend church service. Sound familiar? I’m sure we’d agree that the sermon is important along with the music and the offering and the videos and Sunday School and children’s church and everything else church has to offer for that matter. But more important is for you and me to live out worship every day.

And that is more important than any song we can sing. Or the latest must read book. Or the latest sermon series. Or the biggest and best conference in the land.

This is really more than a blog. It’s a call to take down the fences and walls that divide and separate us from God’s presence. Let’s throw away the box and let worship roam free. That’s the way it was meant to be.

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